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How to add credits

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flyDetect® Credit System

Your flyDetect® account must be in positive credit for it to be fully operational. Credits are not trap specific but are added to an overall account balance which all your installed flyDetect® traps draw from.

Each new flyDetect® trap comes pre-loaded with one years’ worth of credit (365 credits), which is activated at the point of initial installation onto the flyDetect® system and added to your account balance.

Each flyDetect® trap uses 1 credit per day. For example:

  • If you had 365 credits with 1 flyDetect® trap connected, you would have 365 days of credit remaining.
  • If you had 365 credits with 10 flyDetect® traps connected, then you would have 36 days of credit

If your balance drops to zero credits or below, then all active flyDetect® traps will cease displaying new images until the account returns to positive credit. Photographs will still be taken and archived but can only be viewed when the account returns to positive credit. Whilst the account is in negative credit, the alert and notifications systems will also be unavailable.

The credit balance of your account is displayed at the top of every screen on the web based flyDetect® application, with a breakdown of the credit balance, number of traps connected, and days of access to the system remaining.

Credit vouchers are available to purchase for 1 year (365 credits) or 10 years (3,650 credits) and get added to the whole account balance. To purchase additional credit vouchers, please contact your supplier.

To add new credits to your account, log onto the web based flyDetect® application, navigate to the ‘Credits’ tab on the left-hand side menu, then click ‘Add Credits’ and enter the 10-digit voucher code. Credits will be added to your balance instantly.

If a trap is deleted from your account, it will stop drawing credits from your balance.