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How to install a new trap

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Step 1 – Account creation

Before installing your first physical flyDetect® trap at a site, you must create an account on the flyDetect® web application by visiting the link below. This can only be accessed from a desktop computer, or laptop.

NOTE: You must have a valid flyDetect® serial number available, which is not currently registered on the system in order to validate your account. The serial number is printed underneath the QR code located on the right-hand side of your new flyDetect® trap.

Once your account has been created, prior to installing a flyDetect® trap, you must then set up at least one client/site including a sub-divisional area and assign servicing technicians to manage this account. The chosen technicians can then visit the site to install and maintain the traps using the flyDetect® app on their mobile device.

Step 2 – Internet connectivity

flyDetect® traps must be sited in areas where there is continuous internet connectivity and should be left switched on and connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Traps can connect via Wi-Fi, cellular (3G/4G) or ethernet. The preferred internet connection method should be established and tested for signal strength and stability prior to trap installation as part of a site survey.

Each flyDetect® trap comes with a Wi-Fi antenna included in the box, ideal for connecting to existing Wi-Fi networks.

If you require cellular connectivity then traps can be connected via Wi-Fi using the provided antenna, to a 3G/4G cellular router, mobile hotspot, or other similar device, which will need to be purchased independently. This method gives the potential to connect multiple traps to a single router, providing they are all within signal range, meaning only one 3G/4G data SIM card is required to run multiple traps. If selecting this method, you will need to purchase a data SIM card independently which provides coverage in your desired location. The average data consumption of a single flyDetect® trap, based on the default settings of taking one daily image is 150 MB per month.

Step 3 – Checking internet signal strength

For Wi-Fi and cellular (3G/4G) connectivity, it is recommended that you position yourself in the proposed location where the trap will be mounted and use your mobile phone to check that you can receive the desired signal in that location. Signal strength should be at least 50% and stable for a reliable connection. If connecting to a cellular (3G/4G) network and following the above method, you should then purchase the required quantity of SIM cards from the same network provider as the one in your mobile phone, which you have tested to guarantee signal coverage.

Prior to trap installation, you should obtain the SSID and password for the desired Wi-Fi or cellular router you wish to connect to.

Step 4 – Installing your trap with the flyDetect® mobile application

  • The flyDetect® mobile application can be downloaded from either the Play Store (Android devices), or the App Store (iOS devices). Once downloaded and installed, sign into the application using your log in details.
  • Using the flyDetect® mobile application, on the main dashboard press the ‘New flyDetect’ icon.
    Follow the pre installation checks, ensuring that your mobile phones Wi-Fi and Location services are switched on. Press CONTINUE to proceed.
  • Using the drop-down menus, select a Client and an Area where the trap is to be installed. Press SAVE to proceed.
  • Press the SCAN button to activate the mobile phones camera and use this to scan the flyDetect® traps QR code, which is located on the right-hand side of the trap. Alternatively, press CONTINUE to manually input the 16-digit serial number.
  • Next, enter the traps Location/Identifier, add any required notes about the trap or its location, select a time for the daily image capture, and finally select the alert level for the trap, from Level 1 (~50 insects), up to level 5 (~250 insects). This is a threshold number of insects of which you will be notified once the trap has exceeded. Press CONTINUE to proceed.
  • The system will now perform checks to ensure the trap is ready for pairing with your mobile phone.
  • Next, follow the instructions in the onscreen video. Locate the white connectivity button, on the rear of the chassis on the left-hand side. Press and hold this button for 10 seconds, then press CONTINUE to proceed.
  • This will put the flyDetect® trap into connectivity mode, and it will begin to emit a short-range Wi-Fi signal, which your mobile phone will connect to, allowing your phone to pair with the device.
  • At this point, some mobile phones will display a popup stating that the device you are trying to pair with has no internet access, or a similar message. It is important that you allow your phone to connect to the traps Wi-Fi (note that the response varies between mobile phone brands and types).
  • Once the pairing is successful, you should then select the connection method you wish to use to connect your flyDetect® trap to the internet. Enter the relevant connection details, and press CONNECT.
  • Follow the instructions in the onscreen video. Firstly, insert the selected connectivity hardware (Wi-Fi antenna or ethernet cable). Next fold the sticky board along the pre-formed crease, remove the release paper and insert the board into the trap.
  • Whilst this is happening, the trap will restart and then connect to the internet via your preferred method, using the details you provided.
  • Once successful, you will then be prompted to request an initial image of the sticky board. All subsequent images will then be compared to the initial image, until the alert level is reached, and the sticky board is replaced. Once you have completed the above steps, ensuring the sticky board is properly inserted, press CONTINUE to request this image.
  • The initial image will now be requested from the trap. Once received, the image will be displayed on your phone, along with the time and date of capture, and both the temperature and humidity at that time.
  • The installation is now complete. Press DONE to finish.


flyDetect® Mobile Phone Application
PestWest have tested flyDetect® on the Android and iOS mobile phones listed below.


  • Samsung S6 (and above)
  • Huawei P20 Pro (and above)
  • Google Pixel 2 (and above)


  • iPhone 6 (and above)

flyDetect® Web App supported web browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Customers are not prohibited from using flyDetect® on untested devices, but PestWest® cannot guarantee that such devices will work as intended. This list of devices is subject to change without advance notice.