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flyDetect Instructions for Use

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Everything you need to know about flyDetect®


Each flyDetect® trap houses a camera module which will record one high resolution image of the entire sticky board per day, at a time selected by you. In addition to this, further images can be manually requested at any time, as frequently as is required, using either the web or mobile applications. Traps must be continuously connected to the internet, and can connect via Wi-Fi, cellular (3G/4G) or ethernet.

Each time a new sticky board is inserted into a flyDetect® trap, the mobile phone application will guide you through taking an initial image of the empty sticky board. All subsequent images will then be compared to the initial image, until a pre-selected threshold level is reached, and the sticky board is replaced. It is important that the sticky board is inserted properly, and the in-app video instructions are followed, to achieve the most accurate results possible. See the CHANGING THE STICKY BOARD section for full instructions.

Once an image has been taken, it is then sent over the internet to the flyDetect® server, where it will be analysed against a pre-selected alert level chosen by you. Once your selected threshold has been exceeded, the system will send out an alert to the designated servicing technician via email, with the associated image of the sticky board attached for further analysis.

All recorded images are stamped with temperature and humidity readings which were taken at the time of image capture and stored permanently in a secure searchable archive.

Insect activity alerts can be customised on a per-trap basis, giving the ability to have different levels of control over a single site for areas of different sensitivity. Time based service notifications can also be scheduled for when UV-A tubes or sticky boards which have not reached their alert level need to be replaced.

When a trap is serviced, the user can add notes and additional photographs using their smart phones camera to generate a service visit report. These will be stored alongside the sticky board image which triggered the alert in the searchable archive.

The flyDetect® mobile application is designed to be used as a servicing tool whilst in the field and features trap installation and servicing, along with alert and notification management.

The full flyDetect® web application can be accessed at and is available on desktop computers and laptops. It features system administration tools such as creating and managing clients and technician accounts, viewing archived sticky board images and service visit notes, and provides greater levels of customisation to your flyDetect® network.

See the MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS section for a list of compatible device specifications.

Please download Instructions for use below: